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We will do our best to help you discover courses and workshops that will give you the skills you need, and to keep you informed about courses you have booked, and others that you are interested in.

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The IT Learning Centre opt-in mailing list sends you regular emails about IT Learning Centre courses and events.

To subscribe, email

You can also subscribe during the booking process in CoSy.

To unsubscribe, e-mail:

If you have further questions about our mailing list policy, contact us.

If you have subscribed to a mailing list, but don't seem to be receiving our emails, check your email junk folder. To make sure that you always see our emails, you may need to right-click on the email, select the 'Junk' option, and select the 'Never Block Sender' option.

The IT Learning Centre can be followed on @ITLCOXFORD

As well as emails confirming your course bookings, cancellations and payments, we will automatically send you an email reminder before each course on which you have booked a place. You cannot opt out of email reminders.

We offer a free optional text reminder service.

If you sign-up, a text reminder will be sent to you the day before each session on which you have booked a place. We may also send you a text message if the course needs to be cancelled, to remind you to pay or with other administration in connection with your booking. We will not use this for spam or general promotion. Note:

  • You will only be sent one reminder for each course
  • Text reminders are sent in addition to the normal email reminders
  • You cannot book or cancel a course place using this text service.
  • The SMS reminders are delivered using an email to SMS gateway provided by AccessPlanit, the suppliers of the CoSy course booking system.

To sign-up for this service please register your mobile phone number with us. You can do this by visiting your My Details tile in CoSy.

To remove your mobile phone number and stop receiving texts, or to change your number, revisit the My Details tile.

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