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The IT Learning Centre offers an extensive collection of IT-related courses, taught in person and online.

Below is a live list of our courses for you to explore, or you can download a printable version of our course brochure.  

The View details link against each course will take you to the full course description and dates. You will see that our courses are tagged Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced: this is to help you plan where one course follows in sequence after another (it is not a measure of the course difficulty).

University members book courses using the CoSy course booking and online payment system via Single Sign-On.  

If you are a member of Oxford University Press, or not a member of the University, you may still be able to book a place on one of our courses: contact us.

You may also be interested in training in digital education tools provided by the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Note: our courses cover a wide range of third-party software/apps/websites. Read about assessing the data security risk on our data security page.


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