Self-Service Training Data Reports

Self-Service Training Data Reports is a service enabling approved staff to access training data and produce bespoke reports and analysis.  Reports can be generated from the University’s CoSy (also known as Accessplanit) and LinkedIn Learning platforms, combined with various ‘people datasets' (HR, CUD and SITS).  The IT Learning Centre (ITLC) manages this service. 

Why have we have introduced this service?  

CoSy has been rolled out across the University and is now the central repository for training data. Much of this data is required by departmental, divisional and Athena Swan administrators for regulatory and other external reports as well as those required by the University.  

This service is the most efficient and sustainable way to ensure the continued availability of up-to-date centrally-held data available on-demand in an enhanced format that facilitates analysis and reporting.  It replaces the old arrangements whereby administrators had to submit a request to training providers each time they needed access to training data, and training providers would have to manually extract data and email it to the requesting administrator.

Who can use this service?

The service is available to HR administrators, divisional and departmental administrators, Athena SWAN coordinators and training managers whose roles require them to report on training data. A service request needs to be approved to access this service. Once access has been granted, administrators can access the system at any time to view and export the data they need. Data will be available for the five previous years (year start date Aug 1). It is expected that anyone using the data will have completed the University's Information Security training.

What data is available?  

The level of access granted, and thus the type of data available will be based on each individual’s role and reporting requirements. Data includes both staff and students who have training records. There are three types of reports and access.   

Note: Any users of this data must also be compliant with these processes.  Please visit the relevant University web pages if you are unsure.


Getting Help

  • To gain, change or remove access to the reports, please complete the Service Request (red button at top right). For guidance about the information, you will need to complete the request see our short guide.
  • For help with using these specific reports, please check these webpages including the FAQs and Help and Guidance pages.
  • If you have a question about a specific course, or if the data you require is not available, please contact the relevant training provider
  • For general help with Power BI please refer to the service catalogue. Note the IT Learning Centre does not manage the Power BI service.
  • If you still need support, get in touch by emailing

Guidance for Training Providers

If you are a training provider please see our best practice guide about data management.