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Note that the IT Learning Centre’s subscription to Microsoft LinkedIn Learning ends on the 31 July 2024. 

LinkedIn Learning is a huge library of online, video based, courses covering a wide range of software and IT related topics (as well as soft skills and business skills) for beginners through to experts. The library is available to use for free by all University members who have Single Sign On credentials.

Using LinkedIn Learning is easy. Click on the LinkedIn Learning button to access all the courses using your Single Sign-On credentials.

VIDEO: How to get started with LinkedIn Learning


With just a few easy steps you can also setup LinkedIn Learning on your mobile devices. In doing so you will be able to choose the right learning path for you and learn new things wherever you are!

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Please note:

  • LinkedIn Learning is part of LinkedIn.
  • The University has opted to NOT share any information or learning activities with any LinkedIn profile that you may have. Although this does restrict some of the features that would otherwise be available within LinkedIn Learning (such as recommendations based on your LinkedIn profile), the decision was made so that there is a clear separation of your University and LinkedIn activities.
  • You do NOT require a LinkedIn account to access the University's instance of LinkedIn Learning.
  • We recommend that you do NOT add any extra personal details to your LinkedIn Learning profile, including your name or email address.
  • The University shares only your SSO identifier with LinkedIn Learning for the purpose of you being able to return to the platform and retain your learning history.
  • You can view the IT Learning Centre privacy policy and view the LinkedIn Learning privacy policy.

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