Where do I start?

If you’re looking to improve your IT skills, we have courses and options to suit you.

Already got a plan?

If you know what you’re looking for, then explore our teacher-led Digital Skills schedule (visit our Whats-On page) or try out our self-study options (visit our self-service learning).

Need to make a start?

To help you start thinking about your learning needs, and to get a feel for the variety that is available, have a look at these helpful guides to areas of IT learning:

Routes to learning
- ways in to popular topics


New Ways of Working
- digital skills and tools to support you

Remote working:
- learn to use Teams and Nexus365 well

Looking further?

Here are some more useful resources:

What's on in the IT Learning Centre https://skills.it.ox.ac.uk/whats-on
LinkedIn Learning and how to use it for free https://skills.it.ox.ac.uk/linkedin-learning
CoSy dashboard and course search https://cosy.ox.ac.uk/accessplan/LMSPortal/UI/Page/Dashboard.aspx
IT Learning Portfolio https://skills.it.ox.ac.uk/it-learning-portfolio
All about the IT Learning Centre https://skills.it.ox.ac.uk/

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